A New Venue Finding Service Has Arrived In London!

Hello and welcome to Miss London Concierge, a new bespoke FREE venue finding service designed to assist with all of your event planning needs.

So why choose Miss London Concierge or a venue finding service at all for that matter?  There are many benefits to working with us and we have listed our top five below.

1. Knowledge  

Over the years, we have built up an in depth knowledge of the best venues in London and the UK from traditional private dining rooms to new and exciting  modern venues that will take your breath away. We know that everyone’s event is different, which is why its so important for us to ensure we are always visiting venues, and recommending the perfect venue for your event. Our little black book is filled with thousands of venues in London alone and we can’t wait to share it with you!

 2. Process 

The process couldn’t be simpler, and best of all there is no cost to you.  When you enquire with Miss London Concierge, we will work with your event brief to provide an extensive list of at least six key venues that meet your specified requirements.  We know how precious your time is, which is why we guarantee a response within two hours of your enquiry to us.  Once we have found your perfect venue, we will negotiate rates on your behalf,  co-ordinate site visits and menu tastings and be on hand to discuss any of the minute details.

3. Relationships

Miss London Concierge have fantastic relationships with a wide range of restaurants, venues and suppliers. Because of these relationships, we feel comfortable asking the right questions when it comes to negotiating the best rates for your event.  This is all part and parcel for our expert Concierge team, and we are happy to be by your side to make your event planning a lot easier.

4. Saving you time and money 

People can often forget how long it takes to find the perfect venue for an event on your own. Often groups will use the same venue year after year – partly because they love it, but often because finding something else can just be too daunting. Without first-hand knowledge of venues, the only way to ensure you’re not wasting your time is to go and have a look – which then, if it’s not the right place, is exactly that. Wasting your time. Hours of searching and checking followed by fact finding and site visits can be slashed off your timesheet when working with Miss London Concierge.

Did we mention already that our service is completely free of charge?

That’s right there in the list of ‘too good to be true’ wonders. But it’s true – you can have all this knowledge and know-how, and it costs you absolutely nothing

5. Attend VIP events 

Our fantastic relationships with top London venues allows us to host a number of yearly VIP events in a range of stunning spaces. These events are a great opportunity for you, the event planner, to experience a venue first hand, all while sipping on a delicious glass of  champagne and tucking into a canapés or two.

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