We speak to The Brewery venue about all things events and how to stay positive in lockdown!

We speak to The Brewery venue about all things events and how to stay positive in lockdown!

The Brewery is a truly historic, Grade II listed London venue occupying the buildings of Whitbread’s 18th Century beer-making empire located in central London.

We absolutely love this venue for so many different reasons. All of the event spaces are unique and the diverse range of events they can host within the indoor and outdoor spaces makes this a super easy venue to promote to our clients.

We caught up with Masha Boh about her role at The Brewery, all things events both live and virtual and discovered what smarketing meant 🙂

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your role at The Brewery, and how long you have worked for the group?

I joined The Brewery in October 2017 (seems a very long time ago!) as a Business Development Manager. I enjoy creative problem solving and hospitality customer service so a combination of these two was met in proactive venue sales.  Shortly after joining The Brewery, I was promoted to Senior Business Development Manager and added a marketing aspect to my proactive strategies, it’s called smarketing.

2. What do you love most about your role?

I love selling our venue! It’s such a beautiful building and every team at The Brewery is amazing at what they do. So I always feel confident proposing our venue to clients, and this is a great feeling to have!

3. How many venues are currently in your collection?

The Brewery is our main venue, it can host from 40 – 1800 people. In 2018 we opened The Grubstreet Author venue, which is tailored for smaller events, 10 – 60 people.  We are also planning to open another venue for around 200 people in the near future. Very exciting times ahead – my work is never boring!

4. Do you have a favourite space and why?

Are we allowed to pick the Courtyard?! Technically we can hold an event there, so I guess it classifies as a space. We are located just off a busy road close to Liverpool Street, but when entering the courtyard you no longer feel the fast pace life. You are taken back into the 18th century with cobbled courtyard, Georgian windows and brick walls.

5. Tell us about the types of events that you host at The Brewery?

Awards ceremonies are our bread and butter. We have been hosting them for a long time, and our catering is impeccable. However conferences are not far behind, with tech Industry events being the newest and fastest growing events for us (my personal favourite type of events!). But I can’t forget our amazing Christmas & Summer Parties.

6. Is there a stand out event that you have organised and are really proud of?

My favourite one was a tech event summit hosted by Gitlab in 2019.  They really brought the space to life with the right kind of furniture and branding. They also built a marquee in the courtyard as an additional coffee/networking space.

7. How have you been spending your time in lockdown?

I have been fortunate enough to continue to work for a longer period than most of my friends in the industry, but now since being furloughed I have invested in a pair of inline roller blades, which is very fun! I fill my day with hobbies that keep me relaxed and content, so I have been doing loads of painting, baking and gardening. Also a lot of lounging in the sun, and working on my tan.

8. Your venues are currently closed like the rest of the country and events are on hold, how have you stayed connected to your community, guests and bookers?

I think Zoom will be on the top of everyone’s list ?! With my Brewery team we have stay connected with regular calls, pub quizzes and cooking classes run by our Food Director Tom. With clients and bookers I’m trying stay in touch as much as I can, but many of them have been furloughed so LinkedIn is my preferred way of communication with the industry at the moment.

9. Do you have a date you are planning to re-open the venues at this stage?

We are all still patiently waiting for the Government to give us further instruction. We have been doing an excessive amount of research, planning and preparation for when the venue can re-open and potentially new standards will apply.

10. Are you currently still receiving enquires for late 2020?

Yes we do but the volume has dropped. The amount fluctuates based on the government’s latest messages.  Currently we have events in the diary from September, so hopefully we will be able to start planning those soon.

11. Are you venues fully equipped to host virtual and Hybrid events?

Yes, we have created packages for our clients and our in-house AV team. We have done a lot of research to make sure we have enough knowledge to advise clients on best solutions. The  packages will be ready to be shared with our clients very soon. They will be different based on the clients’ main event objectives.

12. Do you think event bookers will always prefer live events to virtual events or do you think virtual and Hybrid events will become the new norm?

I think face to face events will remain the preferred event form. They are a massive economy contributor, so I’m sure there will be a space for them in the future. The pandemic has forced companies to start thinking outside of the box, looking at events from different perspectives and start researching other more tech advanced event solutions. I think hybrid events will become a norm, as it will enable the organizers to reach a wider audience and who doesn’t want more people at their event!

13. What positive have you taken from lockdown and what advice would you give to other people to stay positive during this time?

Do what makes you happy and content! Everyone is going through ups and down, but now it’s time to really look into yourself and find the things that make you happy and content (and no Netflix is not an option J). I know it’s easier said than done, but just do it. You always wanted a bike? Go buy it. Wanted to learn how to paint? Youtube has great tutorials. Never again we will have that much time for ourselves to really discover our passions and discover ourselves. Breath and enjoy!

Thank you so much to Masha for this lovely interview and for the wonderful tips on staying positive and focused during lockdown.

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