Charity events you can attend to make you feel better about the beginning of 2021!

Charity events you can attend to make you feel better about the beginning of 2021!

It seems as though 2021 is starting just in the same way as 2020 finished.


Here at MLC we totally understand the frustration everyone is feeling right now, but we have come up with this post to inspire some ‘good humaning’.


How much better did we feel watching the news last year when bars and restaurants donated their food and/or cooked for key workers?


How many of you wish you could have done something but were unsure as to how to help?


Being a great citizen and giving to others is the best way to feel better in yourself.


Now, perhaps a lot of you are thinking… Running, walking and the usual fundraisers just aren’t for me. No problem! Here you have a list of our favourite ideas of things you can do from the tracksuit-bottom-safety of your sofa or even dress up and get your colleagues and/or family and friends involved.




On many online ticket sale sites you can find charity Galas from informative events supporting education in Palestine to comedy nights run by comedy clubs. One event that particularly caught our eye was the Virtual Burns supper run by the Mayor of Darlington teamed with St Theresa’s Hospice on Saturday 23rd January.
The ticket includes a four course dinner delivered to your door (all you have to do is heat it up!), an entire evening’s entertainment and mini whiskey bottles to celebrate the life and works of this incredible British legend. Particularly interesting for the Scots amongst us, we feel this truly outlines the spirit of 2021. Find the link to get tickets here.




Yes, there is a verb for everything. However, this verb has some good weight to it: give up chocolate and raise money! Exercise might not be your thing but try and support the British Heart Foundation (and your own heart) by giving up chocolate and other sweet treats over the month of March. You will feel so much healthier, better as you will be contributing towards research for very sick people and proud as you are helping a charity also very prominent in helping those most in need from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sign up here.





Are you a hard-core gamer? Are you a noob? Have you got into gaming due to the fabulous connections you can make and maintain thanks to the online gaming world? If any of these apply to you then you will be over the moon to know that Make A Wish Foundation, one of the most important charities in the UK, has created the perfect fundraiser for you. Simply sign up and start streaming. It is that simple. Read the incredible stories of how gaming has helped those children who most need ways to cope with their conditions and then have fun while raising money. Make a Wish truly is a worthy cause.




MacMillan Cancer support have gone all-out with their online events. They have put together an engaging and fun programme of events and activities you can download and play with your loved ones online. There is an escape room, horse racing ‘day out’ and a Whodunnit murder mystery. The latter has actually been tried and tested by ourselves and is so simple to use and great fun regardless of the computer skills of those involved. Completely scripted, the murder mystery allows us to step outside our day to day whilst raising money for a good cause. The host holds it all together and asks for donations from the participants – no matter how big or how small – in order to attend the event. Host your event here.


Across the UK people are shaving their heads and filming it for the MacMillan Cancer Foundation. If you are brave enough to go all the way and shave your locks for a worthwhile cause, then I’m sure you would generate incredible support and worthwhile donations from people. Make it into a live event and give your donators a real show! Become or donate to a shaver here.





We are not asking you to run or even jog – simply step! Take a detour while you grab your next cup of coffee or walk in the fresh air to take away the daily stress; however you choose to contribute, know that your efforts will be helping families with seriously ill children. 280,000 steps to be taken within the month of February – this may seem a lot but that works out as only 10,000 a day so it is definitely possible even for the laziest amongst us! Sign up and take a big step towards becoming a great citizen.






We have come up with a list of ways you can be inventive and get your colleagues and loved ones involved in supporting any charity and at any scale.



Love reading? Try a readathon or bookathon and ask friends and family to sponsor you by the book or by the minute. Even better if you have a short attention span! Those who know you would definitely delve into their pockets. Make it into a challenge and compete with a friend.




Everyone loves an event you can pop in and out of to see how it is progressing. Or perhaps you have simply been inspired by the latest Netflix success, The Queen’s Gambit. Whatever your reason, have a board game challenge with your family and play a game for a full 12 hours straight. The Dungeons and Dragons event last year was a huge success so if you have time to give, then please do, and give it to your favourite charity.




Do you have a daring side and a group of friends who could do with a little shaking up? Hold a “Dare” Fundraiser, for every specific amount raised, someone commits to doing something that friend dares them to do. You can include as many people as you like to offer their dare ideas and donate to your worthwhile cause.




One of the best things we have seen is a birthday bar offered as a charitable event. The host decides on a charity and their favourite cocktails – both well-known cocktails and invented ones – and creates a cocktail menu for their birthday. Now, you can go a few ways with this: you can ask people to vote for their favourite and you give your viewers the recipes they ask for after each certain amount of donations; you could drink a new cocktail each time you reach a donation milestone or you could nominate an acquaintance to do the same each time a new milestone is reached. The latter suggestions would probably need a few ibruprofen and a dirty kebab so be prepare




Donate while you shop for no extra cost? Amazon may have created a monopoly of online shopping due to the pandemic, however they have proved they also have good ethics. Shop using Amazon Smile and you can generate a small donation from Amazon to a charity of your choice and at no extra cost to you. It is a pretty identical version of the normal Amazon website with the same prices and same products just with some good ‘humaning’ involved.



We hope we have given you some ideas on how you can feel better about the start of 2021. Helping others really is helping yourself and any small donation will go a long way for these charities. If money is tight then try and dedicate a little time instead. Remember, this is not about suffering for charity (although I don’t know who won’t suffer from shaving their hair off!) but this list provides a range of activities that can be fun, engaging and collaborative for your colleagues, friends and family members.


Here at MLC we ask you to start 2021 by giving, connecting and laughing.