January 2021 at Miss London Concierge

Scone Afternoon Tea Virtual Delivery

January 2021 at Miss London Concierge

The start of 2021 has certainly brought about its challenges, which is why we decided from the get go that we needed to lift people’s spirits in any way we could.


Handheld Confetti Cannons | Kaboom | Melbourne


Miss London Concierge and our team of collaborators wanted to light up the month of January with a series of engaging complimentary virtual events. After all, we all needed a giggle and a bit of inspiration despite the uncertain environment we are living in.


We can’t wait to tell you what we have been up to during January and how much our clients have enjoyed these virtual events and tasters that our wonderful collaborators have provided. And what’s more, these events might even give you inspiration for your next virtual team or company event.



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Well-Being Wishes


Catherine Knight on Twitter: "Can you help? The connection between nature & wellbeing https://t.co/f04ox1B0yf… "Miss London Concierge and clients had a very welcome (and needed!) session on 13th January with a highly esteemed wellness specialist who showed us some exercises and gave us a few interesting tips in order to boost our well-being.


A fantastic taster of what she can offer to clients – individually or group – she focuses around connecting the body to the brain (and vice versa) to feel more rooted, engaged and energetic. Those of us present were so grateful for this session that left us leaving with a different energy and happiness after just a short time.


We strongly recommend getting in touch with us at Miss London Concierge in order to book this fabulous, insightful and fun event for you, your friends or your company.




Murder Mystery


Murder Mystery: los juegos de misterio a los que engancharse en casa - Valencia Secreta

Everybody loves a challenge. A drama. Interaction. The Murder Mystery taster Miss London Concierge and clients attended on 20th
January, 2021 offered us all of that and more.


We had to decipher codes, read between the lines of suspects’ statements and attend press conferences as we tried, as a group, to gain the most information in order to make our guesses at the murderer, the weapon and the motive. A complete ‘Cluedo’ experience!


We could certainly see this as a way to bring people together – whether it be a large family group or a company team building exercise – encompassing everything that we all need right now: A bit of laughter and interaction that brings us away from our day-to-day.


Get in contact with Miss London Concierge to find you the perfect Murder Mystery event to suit your needs.




Scone bake-off


On 26th January we were treated to a magnificent experience. Imagine – your kitchen; your baking; and people – real people!


The delightful Dan Beasley-Harling and team took us through an incredibly enjoyable baking evening where Miss London Concierge and guests followed their instructions and recipes to create delicious, fluffy scones. There was plenty of interaction and chatting going on with all participants getting completely involved and asking Dan many questions (or rather, trying to get all the gossip!) about his time on the hit television show, Great British Bake-Off.


Tips and suggestions were shared by all and it was a really relaxed, yet focused evening, concentrating on the task at hand. A truly fantastic way to bring people together.


With a wide range of different recipes and activities, Miss London Concierge can organise the perfect baking event for you.



Drag Cabaret


A holding screen on Zoom. ‘It’s Raining Men’ getting louder. Miss London Concierge and guests edging more and more onto the edge of our seats.


Well, we were all completely blown away by the Drag Cabaret Taster on Friday 29th Jan. Miss London Concierge and clients received a 30 minute long ‘teaser’ of the live streamed drag act full of dancing, racy outfits and, of course, some well executed lip syncing.


What a way to kick off our weekend on a Friday night. The act brought boundless energy, cheeky dance moves and, by the end of the evening, everyone was belting out Lady Gaga’s tunes at the top of their voices. Where would our Friday night be without a glittery disco ball and some cheesy game-show-style activities to top it all off.


The event was incredibly engaging with the audience members comically interviewed and everyone being thoroughly entertained – the chat was continuously flowing with messages from our guests showing their appreciation. We were left unequivocally wanting more and yes, we are excited.


Get in contact with the team at Miss London Concierge to enquire.



So keep your spirits lifted this year with Miss London Concierge.


We look forward to welcoming you to our February virtual events which are all complimentary, of course.


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