On the 8th July, Miss London Concierge ventured out to our first venue site visit in four months and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect afternoon. Based in Woking in Surrey, Woodhaven is a state of the art EcoSmart Venue that has been specifically designed with corporate events in mind. We caught up with the fabulous Fonder and Owner, Nicky Yates to find out how the idea of the venue was born,, all things sustainability and how they have adapted their new safety measure.

A little bit about about Nicky and Woodhaven Space

Nicky is a Wellbeing Coach and Event Director, having designed and built Woodhaven, an eco-smart green building, to nurture not just her family with severe allergies, but our ever suffering planet too. With a passion for nurturing inside and out, Nicky has created a healthy environment with a breathable building and solid wood, stone and glass with simple British furnishings, to pair with mental health, sustainability and good nutritional options.

After many years of working in Corporate life, both Nicky and her husband Jeremy, a former CEO, wanted to share their expertise by opening the doors of Woodhaven for Private hire only.

Executive Retreats are their speciality, as they offer the utmost privacy with exclusive private bookings only, using all the grounds and subterranean levels of Woodhaven space. Available within Woodhaven are a presentation studio (with Atmos 7.1 sound and numerous breakout rooms) an informal/formal dining room, a drawing room, dens, a garden, an indoor private freshwater pool and a spa too. The privacy of the space means no one else knows you are there and you are only minutes from Woking train station.

Woodhaven space is a multi-purpose eco-smart home venue. Nicky has used her corporate experience from when she used to be sent with her team to “soulless Hotel rooms” and told to come up with an exciting “ new strategy”, to develop a space that really allows people to feel inspired, to open their minds and to use the space as they wish .”Creativity flows when we feel safe and nurtured with beautiful food in calm surroundings”

What makes this venue even more special is that it is completely family run. From producing their own website, managing their Social Media & photography, catering and hosting events, everyone gets stuck in!

Community and Charity

Community is very important to the Woodhaven team and they proud to offer half price and even free of charge charity events to help support this community. Woodhaven also host free seasonal community events with local businesses allowing them to showcase what they do, supporting each other.

Running your event

As owners of Woodhaven, Nicky & Jeremy are your onsite hosts. Their experience is for your benefit to help with the technical aspects, capturing images of your event or even an energy ball making demonstration! They are on site to offer tips on organising a sustainable event or bring in experts to enhance your event. Please see a list of the types of experts they have worked with below:

  • Nutritionists
  • An inspiring keynotes e.g  from a former Royal Navy fighter pilot 
  • The impactologist TM
  • Myers Briggs assessment coupled with wine pairing
  • Menopause experts 
  • Creative Marking 
  • Limiting beliefs – breathwork 
  • Counselling business and personal 
  • Yoga and Mindfulness NLP instructors
  • Archery

No two events are ever the same…. the types of events they have hosted include: 

  • Business breakfasts
  • Globally broadcasted webinars – speakers and AV from their soundproof studio  
  • CEO executive retreat days 
  • Training workshops
  • Day into evening company meetings
  • Cookery workshops 
  • Yoga and wellbeing retreat days 
  • Team BBQ events 
  • Wine tastings  
  • Mediation – legal help 
  • NLP private coaching sessions 
  • Team building events
  • Product launches and shoots
  • Fashion show 
  • Bollywood movie shoot
  • Celebration of life events 
  • Milestone birthdays and Anniversaries 
  • Baby showers 
  • Spa retreat days
  • Supper clubs 
  • Team meetings with a Christmas party  
  • Business networking 
  • Eco events
  • VIP day
  • Mar comms strategy meeting 
  • H R events 
  • Recruitment event  

Catering, Sustainability and staying alert!

The nutritious, bespoke cuisine is all created by their Chef in residence, from canapés to food boxes to full luncheons and dinners. From their own garden or local farms,  seasonal produce is this venues preference, and what’s more, its all hormone and antibiotic free.! Sustainability is at the heart of what they do… Helpful hints and tips abound ! 

The drinking water which is bottled on site, is free from Hormones, Antibiotics, heavy metals and micro plastics, purer than any bottled water and with zero miles !

Their MHVR system delivers fresh air, filtered for pollen and pollution and a complete air change every couple of hours, ensuring the air is never stale in the rooms. They also steam essential English oils to keep you alert or relaxed depending on the time of day and event.

Covid 19 safety guidelines 

  • Questionnaire prior to booking and date
  • Temperature testing on arrival
  • Blood testing available – this takes a few minutes and they use the recommended U.K. made kits
  • They ensure good hand hygiene on arrival, there is a digital tap for hand washing by the front door
  •  Hand sanitiser stations throughout
  •  Safe distancing is encouraged 
  • Enhanced cleaning schedules 
  • Safe separate food boxes 
  • Masks available to purchase – disposable and reusable 

Woodhaven is located in Woking Surrey – just 24 mins SW of London, a short leafy walk from the station with on property parking for up to 15 vehicles too, just 10 mins from M25 J11 and M3 J3 

 As an eco venue , they encourage you to walk, cycle or lift share and to make use of the vast SSSI site of Horsell Common on their doorstep for walking, cycling, horse riding and forest bathing !

Wow! What a fabulous concept, gorgeous space with the most passionate hosts! We are so impressed and excited by this venue and the endless possibilities available to corporates. We look forward to working with the team and booking this space for our clients.

For more information on hosting your next event at Woodhaven, get in touch with us today on info@misslondonconcierge.co.uk

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